Mission Statement

We provide our customers with the freshest, finest, most delicious and well researched food they can find anywhere in an impeccably clean and well presented environment. We offer food that we believe in; grown and raised by people we know and trust. We strive to know our customers, our community and where the food is coming from. Together, our responsibility is to our planet, our business, and our customers. We learn and share our knowledge with each other and our customers to make informed choices. We strive to grow, as a business, and as human beings.

We love what we do   ·   We believe in what we do   ·   We learn from our mistakes   ·   We choose our attitude   ·    We coach each other towards excellence   ·    We nourish each other

You’ve just discovered Montreal’s only all organic grocery store & delivery service!

Not only do we carry the finest and freshest available produce (fruits & veggies), we’re also famous for our fresh meats, poultry and seafood. All certified organic… of course.

The goal of our shop is to provide you with the freshest food available. We achieve this by bonding with many local organic farmers. We’ve developed more than a business relationship with these carefully chosen stewards of the land. These growers care as much about how they treat their land and livestock as you do about feeding your family.

Now that you’ve found EcollegeY, we can work together to bring your meals alive with food produced without compromise in the true organic spirit.

The people behind ecollegey

What do two good people do when they can’t find quality food in their city? When the only fresh produce they can find is tasteless, coated in wax, and organic means bruised, limp and overpriced? Where all the meat, seafood and poultry is packed with antibiotics and growth hormones?

Deva & Jeff met with local organic farmers and set up a delivery service of ‘real green food’ right out of their garage. When the space got too tight they took their last few bucks and opened a little store on a residential street in N.D.G.

Deva’s a ‘granola’ and Jeff’s a ‘dreamer’. EcollegeY ‘ the real green grocer’ is the result of their union. Our small store is a cornucopia of the freshest food in town, and best of all, with this new online shopping site, our doors are open to you 24/7! Just sit back in the comfort of your favourite chair and browse our aisles, pick up whatever looks good to you and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are always welcome in our store!

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finest and freshest produce (fruits & veggies)
all certified organic



we work with growers who care about how they treat their land and livestock



we have a 3-times a week delivery schedule to suit your schedule.