Tofu, tempeh, meat alternatives

Millet, Adzuki beans, cumin and coconut oil. These gluten-free, vegan patties are made with real food ingredients that nourish your body. 

2 Burgers per box

Format / Marque: 181gr - Hilary's
Origin: USA

This tofu is the perfect compliment to stir-fries, soups and salads. It can also be used as a meat replacement in a variety of ways; try crumbling it into pasta sauce or even grilling it on the BBQ. The delicious and nutritious possibilities are endless.

Format / Marque: 454gr - Horium
Origin: QC

A unique creation of Horium Foods, this noodle-like tofu product may be eaten hot or cold. Try marinating it with different flavourings, such as with teriyaki sauce or oyster sauce, or you may use it to compliment any salad or soup dishes.

Format / Marque: 125gr - Horium
Origin: QC