fish, seafood

very similar to cod. firm and mild.

wild-caught in Iceland, certified sustainable by MSC The Marine Stewardship Council.

Format / Marque: ~280gr
Origin: ICE

delicate taste. we freeze our fish right away to ensure freshness.

please note the sizes varied.

Format / Marque: ~225gr
Origin: Ontario

The fish are fed on an organic diet, which contains organic or natural ingredients only and is free from genetically modified organisms. The fish are fed by hand by local fishermen, who observe the fish and their environment on a daily basis.  superb texture and taste.

please note sized are varied.

Format / Marque: ~340gr
Origin: IRL

 Delicious. This product comes frozen.

Format / Marque: 114gr - Raincoast Trading
Origin: CAN

Texas Red Bass are bred and hatched on two family owned and operated inland farms located between Port O'Connor and Palacios, Texas.

Fingerlings mature in earthen ponds filled with saltwater sourced from the Matagorda Bay system and saline aquifers.  Water Quality is monitored around the clock to maintain the healthy growing environment that produces this premium fish.

Predators and voracious eaters, Texas red bass thrive on high quality, high protein diet composed of grains, vitamins, minerals and fish protein from well-managed fisheries.  No hormones, no antibiotics, and no mercury or other pollutants.

Format / Marque: ~280gr
Origin: US