Pumpkin Seeds Raw

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Pumpkin Seeds Raw

Austrian raw pumpkin seeds! Resealable pack. Kosher. Naturally gluten free. European pumpkin seeds are prized for their intense flavour and high quality nutritional content. Renowned superseed, dark green pumpkin seeds are high in fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals and free radical fighting antioxidants. Flavourful pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of zinc, essential trace element for optimal prostate health as well as pregnant and nursing women. They help prevent osteoporosis and reduce inflammation in the joints. Magnesium rich, this superfood helps lower blood pressure and therefore reduces risks of cardiac and cerebral arrest. Eat half a cup of pumpkin seeds daily to get 60% of your daily recommended intake of iron.


Format / Marque: 250g - Prana
Origin: CAN