rice and grain mixes

Ingredients: small hulled spelt from Haute Provence, green lentils, chickpeas, crushed peas.  Contains wheat.  Use to make soups, salads or as a side dish!

Format / Marque: Primeal - 500g
Origin: FR

Low fat. High protein. Festive ensemble of germinated red and brown rice with premium wild rice. Germinating rice wakes up enzymes that activate brain-boosting health benefits. Only 25 minutes of cook time.

Format / Marque: 227g (8oz) - TruRoots
Origin: USA

A very high source of fibre, iron and omega three.  Sprouting improves digestibility and absorption of nutrients.  Add veggies for dinner or shredded coconut and fruit for breakfast!

Format / Marque: Organic Traditions - 454gr