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May we also suggest

Lentil Sprouts

Great to add in salads, rice or soup.

Type: 200gr - Pousse-menu
Origin: QC
Noodles Buckwheat Ramen

 These ramen noodles have been carefully made from buckwheat flour which has a high content of protein and fibre.  Use in any noodle recipe or serve with miso soup and fresh vegetables for a healthy and traditional Japanese meal.

Type: King Soba - 280gr
Kombucha Blueberry Maple

A flavour that reminds us of our northern roots with the sweetness of maple and the freshness of blueberries. Kombucha acts as an antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, balances intestinal flora, combats stress, increases energy, and stimulates digestion.

Type: 355ml - Rise
Origin: QUE