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Kombucha Blueberry Maple

A flavour that reminds us of our northern roots with the sweetness of maple and the freshness of blueberries. Kombucha acts as an antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, balances intestinal flora, combats stress, increases energy, and stimulates digestion.

Type: 355ml - Rise
Origin: QUE
Quinoa Flakes White

Pre-cooked Quinoa Flakes can be used for a nutritious hot breakfast cereal, pancakes or even waffles.

Type: 350gr - GoGo Quinoa
Origin: BOL
Fajita Seasoning

Use to marinate chicken or beans for fajitas.  Add veggies and toppings! 

Makes about eight fajitas.

Type: Simply Organic - 28gr
Origin: US
Soy Milk Original

High in protein and calcium, low in cholesterol and no trans fat!

Type: Natura - 946ml
Origin: CAN