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Rainbow Trout filet

delicate taste. we freeze our fish right away to ensure freshness.

please note the sizes varied.

Type: ~225gr
Origin: Ontario

 One type of  roasted  arabica  black beans. Decaffeinated with water, a natural method that does not harm pregnant women or breastfeeding. In this process, there is no solvent. Popular as espresso and filter coffee. When ordering, please let us know if you would like the coffee grains ground and which grind. 

Type: 1lb - Cafe Rico
Origin: Colombia
Milk 2%

$2 deposit on glass bottle.

Type: 1lt - Harmony
Origin: ON
All Purpose Flour Gluten Free

Ingredients: Rice flour, tapioca starch, chickpeas, rice bran extract, gura gum. A Québécois company!

Type: Cuisine Soleil - 1kg
Origin: QC