dried beans, lentils, peas

Can be sprouted.  Add to soups, salads, chili and more!  High in fibre and iron.

Format / Marque: Milaniase - 500gr

The lima bean is also known as the butter bean because of its creamy texture and butter-like taste.

Format / Marque: Abenakis - 500gr

Ideal with grains, in soups, stews, salads, salsa and dips, and in making refried beans for tacos and burritos.

Format / Marque: 370gr
Origin: US
Format / Marque: lb
Origin: TUR
In soups and salads, green split peas add flavour, fibers and proteins! Serve pureed as a side dish instead of the traditional mashed potatoes.
Format / Marque: Artisan Tradition - 550gr

Also called beluga lentils because they look like caviar. They have more "meaty" flavored than other lentils and hold their shape well which make them a good choice for salads or soups. 

Format / Marque: 550gr - Artisan Tradition
Origin: CAN

Super source of fibre and iron, high in protein.

Format / Marque: Milanaise - 500gr
Origin: CAN

Can be sprouted!  Great with salad or rice.  High in fibre and iron.

Format / Marque: Milanaise - 350gr