pancake and muffin mixes

An organic blend of unrefined, gluten-free and casein-free flours. A source of 13 essential nutrients, fibre and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Add chocolate chips, frozen berries, nuts or coconut shavings ontop to give them so extra love. Enjoy these muffins as a snack, treat or part of your breakfast! 

Yields: 12 large or 15 medium.

Format / Marque: 455g - Cuisine L'Angélique
Origin: QC

A high fibre pancake and waffle mix made with sprouted spelt, oats, chia and flax. Enjoy with fruits, nuts and maple syrup.

For delicious variations including muffins visit Anita's Organic Mill website.

Format / Marque: 1kg - Anita's Organic Mill
Origin: CAN